Friday, March 11, 2011

To ATM or Not To ATM?

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are computerised telecommunication devices designed to allow customers of a bank (predominantly), the convenience of making transactions easily.
This kind of banking, has caught on with Ghanaians to an extent that, a good number of the populace are now banking. The ATM, to most of us -- is a life saver.
However, these devices (in Ghana) are not so reliable as they should be. "Why and how", you might ask.
I really don't have an answer to it. It can get pretty frustrating sometimes.
For almost five days, the ATM of a bank I save with in Ghana is "temporarily out of service" -- and this is neither the first nor tenth time! It isn't only peculiar to my bank, but the other banks as well. It is REALLY frustrating! Some plans that are made can't see fruition, because most Ghanaians work from 8am - 5pm on weekdays; the banks close at about 4:30pm. The only way, these individuals can access their accounts is by using the ATMs.
Of course there are times the banks put the machines off for maintenance and  filling the cash cartridges with cash. Aside that, the constant breakdowns of the machines are overwhelming.
I believe our banks should really take a look at their ATMs and save their customers the heartaches and stress endured due to the breakdown of the machines.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sore loser?

So the pride of Manchester United has once again been tempered with by Chelsea.
I happened to be at one of the centers where the match was shown -- live. Prior to the game, I had my qualms -- and Fergie deepened it with his 'gamble-oriented' lineup. I was however calm when our boys got their rhythm and composure -- the defining character of our success.
Some minutes into the second half, an incling I had started to manifest. We didn't really know what we were about. I began to ask myself, "what if the same fate that befell Barcelona at the hands of Arsenal happens to us?"
Of course the match was too overwhelming for the referee.
In the end, we lost -- after fighting bravely. Boy, was I disappointed!
For the first time in many years, I became a sore loser and exchanged words with supporters of Chelsea. Damn!