Monday, May 11, 2015

What Yahoo! can learn from a kelewele seller

Yahoo! says Flicker isn't available in Ghana
 Naa Merley is one of the earliest Kelewele sellers in her neighbourhood.
She enjoyed a greater share of the market until other Kelewele sellers began operations in the same neighbourhood. Naa wasn't disturbed because she still had customers loyal to her 'brand'.

Then reality hit.

Customers were patronising other vendors who had both kelewele and groundnuts for sale. They no longer bought Naa's kelewele, as it meant they had to go to another place to get the groundnuts.

The above scenario is what Yahoo! is facing. As a Yahoo! Mail user in Ghana, I am able to download and use the mobile app, but then I'm surprised I can't download and use the Flickr app -- Yahoo! says it's unavailable in Ghana.

I. Don't. Get. It.

If I can use the web versions of both services in Ghana, why can't I equally use the mobile apps?
Yahoo! Mail App is ready to be installed.

Customer retention is based on value being got out of using a product. If Yahoo! is really looking at gaining popularity and usage for its photo-sharing app Flickr, it has to make it available in countries -- like Ghana -- where photo marketing; local content creation using pictures is gaining ground.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Live blogging of #BlogCamp15: Social media for good

Projected banner for #BlogCamp15

The 4th Blogacamp to be held in Ghana takes place outside Accra -- for the first time.
The venue is the College of Science auditorium at the KNUST.

The event began this morning with a photowalk by social media enthusiasts in three areas of Kumasi: Suame, Adum, and Asafo.
A link to the pictures will be updated soon.
For updates, checkout #BlogCamp15 on Twitter.

A panel discussion on Social media for good is ongoing. Three panelists from PZ Cussons, Blogging Ghana,and the creative art industry are sharing how they use social media in their work, for the good of all.
PZ Cussons applies Social media in it CSR

  • Cussing Baby Ghana
  • Recipes of Life Ghana
  • Cared Ghana
These have widened the reach of the company in interacting with its customers.

Blogging Ghana has helped in the application of social media in politics. Remember GhanaDecides in 2012?
This project helped educate the electorate on their rights and responsibilities. It also helped to push 'responsible' citizen journalism.
Another project of theirs is InformGhana.

The third speaker uses plastic for furniture and other cool stuff. He uses social media to learn new stuff, market himself and his projects, and networking. He believes social media  is a great resource.

Do we feel social media has made us 'non serious'?
A participant thinks it really hasn't as it helps relieve some stress.
Another doesn't think it's either here or there. So long as we are discussing issues of relevance.
How has social media helped in solving unemployment?
Yes it has. A number of people are now creating and managing content for organisations. This is even increasing the ROI of such companies.
A panelist believes Googling is also a way of getting information and ideas on how to implement ideas an individual may have. He uses his story of getting a name for his project as an example.

For bloggers looking at getting a piece of the digital marketing growth in Ghana, they are advised to position themselves very well by creating a niche for themselves as 'experts' in a particular field Hatfield relevance to an organisation's marketing goals.
Nehemiah thinks children should not be left out of the social media crusade. "If they can be guided to learn how to code, they equally can be guided to use social media."

Messages from sponsors:
Jeanne from the U.S. Embassy is glad to be a part of this event, especially with the female presence. She believes that the creation of local, relevant content is imperative.
On the YALI fellowships, she mentions that the number will be increased for next year.

#####Breakout sessions #####
So topics for the sessions are:

  1. Blogging 101
How does one at start a blog in 5 steps?
  • Think about what you want to say
  • Name your blog
  • Sign up with a blogging platform
  • Create content regularly
  • Share your work with the world

2. Can Social Media cause change
I am participating in the second session.
Edward asks whether it is enough to talk about issues on Social media, and whether this is enough to cause change. Is it enough to create awareness?

Always think it's not just creating awareness, but how touching -- how affective --how substantive is your message?
A participant believes that the awareness of a campaign lies on two things, logic and emotions. This awareness also needs to be targeted at a particular group/audience.
The more voices we have speaking on an issue, the higher probability there is for change to occur. Some participants believe that, but Eddie thinks otherwise. He thinks more voices joined the #BringBackOurGirls chants, but little efforts were made in rescuing them. Do you agree?

Do you feel that social media is to account for the public figure who 'branded' 30+ year old Ghanaian spinster as prostitutes?

Some campaigns that have influenced participants, on Social media:

  • Ebola
  • Nepal's earthquake
  • #NoChobo
Currently, we have the gangs of the photowalk competition presenting their pictures. The story of the #suamegang is a compelling one.
Children playing in dangerous environment, and accidents/injuries occurring.
The #Asafogang's theme is Resistance. A historical perspective of the Asafo market area is the basis of their presentation.
The #Adumgang showcase a clean central business district.

The Winner will be chosen soon.
And the winners are:
Suame Gang
Asafo Gang
Adum Gang
My team and I are leaving for Sunyani soon.
I hope this live blogging of today's event has been fun.

Did I mention that the transportation of the Sunyani team was sponsored by Blogging Ghana?