Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cold from the riot

"We won't take this any more!", the students shouted angrily. This is the umpteenth time they've seen their Saturday meal for lunch -- beans -- riddled with weevils. The other meals were not that good, but they were better prepared than the beans.
They decided therefore to protest with a riot. (Youthful exuberance at work).

Within minutes the dinning hall was in a mess. The walls had beans smeared on them, tables were overturned and chairs scattered. "Warrior" songs being chanted as they stormed out of the hall and marched to their dormitories.
The house master on duty could do nothing to make them listen to his plea for cool heads to prevail.
Without warning, the students started hurling stones, and breaking the windows and doors of the dormitories. The classrooms met the same fate.

Later, after calm had been restored, these SAME students had no choice but to clean the mess they had created. Silly beings.

Alas, when night approached, they were at the mercy of the cold wind -- no windows or doors to protect them and give them warmth.
If only they had stopped short in their anger before rioting.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Ideal Man

Yesterday, I stumbled on a video of Dr. Myles Munroe, in which he outlined and explained 5 characteristics of the Ideal man.

The Ideal man needs to:

  1. Be in the presence of God
  2. Have a job
  3. Be able to cultivate (i.e. bring out the best in everything around him)
  4. Be able and ready to protect (his wife)
  5. Share the knowledge in the WORD of God, with his wife (and family)

Here is the video:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What is the cost of student life in Ghana?

An important factor students consider in their choice of location for study is the cost of living. What at all influences the cost of living? How much do students spend per month in our institutions?
If you are an undergraduate student in Ghana, please spend a couple of your minutes to take the survey below. Thanks

Do watch this space for an infographic of the results.