Friday, July 12, 2013

Black or White? (Volume 1)

Two friends - a black and a white sat down at lunch one day and began to iron out some differences between them.

White: As a leader, I serve my people
Black: Well, as a leader, my people serve me

White: When i want a new house, I buy it on mortgage
Black: Hahaha! I don't know any mortgage crap. If the house is up for $36,000. Hell, I'll pay the full amount and take MY house

White:I like to be remembered for helping a cause. A good name is better than riches, you know
Black: That's you. I'll like to benefit from the cause first, the rest is secondary

White: My funerals are solemn and organised.
Black: Well, mine is a big celebration. Very expensive and flamboyant. You are invited to my next one

White: My organisations lay more emphasis on Human Resource Management. Your employee's welfare first, the profits roll in afterwards
Black: You can't be serious, are you? An employee's duty is to work, when there's a problem, it's the fault of the employee. When there's success, management takes the credit.

White: Wow, you are something else. I've got to go. See you at dinner.
Black: But you forgot to finish your plate, anyway I'll clear it for you. Hope dinner would be a heavy meal.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Selecting an accounting software (or a spouse)

"A company selecting an accounting software is akin to an individual choosing a spouse. One wants a faithful (accurate) helpmate who grows with him/her (capable of being scaled up). One wants someone he/she can treasure through sickness (financial loss) and in health (profitable growth). One wants the candidate to be capable of intimacy (keep confidences), yet be open to recognising his/her faults (an audit function to find and fix errors). And most importantly, one wants the relationship to be long-lasting without the need for expensive and debilitating upgrades."   ~ Jones (2002)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dangers Posed by Obsolete Chemicals

Last Thursday, the Vice Chancellor of the Catholic University College of Ghana, Prof. James Hawkins Ephraim, gave his inaugural speech as a fellow of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences.
The inaugural speech is a tradition of the Academy that sees newly inducted members give a talk on an issue in their areas of expertise.
Prof. Ephraim delivering his speech
The speaker, being a professor of Chemistry chose to talk on the topic, "The Dangers that Obsolete Chemicals Pose to Us."
Below are some tweets that captured the moment. I will do well to update this post with pictures soon.

There's a lot we can do as individuals to help save our environment, and safeguard our health.
Folks like @GreenGhanaian and @QwophiCedi are already on the way. Let's join the cause!
God (will) Bless our Homeland Ghana -- only when we do our part.
UPDATE: Here is a link to the presentation!

Prof. Ephraim with the some members of the CUCG family
Some students from Accra Wey Gey Hey