Saturday, August 3, 2013

Desert trailers

"This country is really going to face harder times ahead, if care is not taken. Hmm". So says a cosmo jet (tro-tro) driver I encountered earlier today.
He made this comment with respect to the recent increase in fuel prices. He then recountered how he had travelled abroad for greener pastures, but returned with virtually nothing.
He is a Lybia returnee.
I was fascinated and engaged him in a discussion, so he shared his experience with me.
He told me of how they had to pay 'connection' men along the route taken from Ghana, through Niger and Chad, and finally entering Lybia. These 'connection' men helped them withbtransport by finding drivers/vehicles for them. These vehicles were a lot more comfortable than the ones they had to travel on when they got to Chad.
From Chad, they are packed in a Nissan/Toyota patrol (pickup) -- thirty-five people! This gave tgem swollen feet when they reached theur next transit point.
"If you get a good driver, he fills his petrol gallon with water for you to drink. You don't drink much o, just the equivalent of the gallon's cover. You feel a sharp burning sensation in your chest. Massa, it is not easy o", he says.
I asked how come most  people die on the way. I was shocked when he said some (bad) drivers can leave their passengers in the desert. (No comment)
I was so intrigued by the conversation, I passed my stop -- almost did. Hehe
But I am thankful for the opportunity to learn first-hand what our brothers and sisters go through to seek comfort for themselves and their families back home.

I pray I run into a returnee from 'Panya' (Spain). I understand they travel on balloons at sea (from Morocco?).

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The OS relationship...

Most of us treat relationships like the way we install software on our computers.
Once they are installed, we don’t care to update them. We feel/think just having them is enough.
It. Is. Not!