Friday, August 26, 2011

The first time...

The first time I met you, I felt like knowing you,
The first time I chatted with you, I felt drawn to you,
The first time I visited you, I wanted to be there for you always,
The first time you visited me, our friendship was bonded,
The first time we went on a date, I felt like kissing you,
The first time we kissed, I wanted to saddle you,
The first time we saddled, I knew I wanted to saddle you for the rest of my life;
For the first time, I am in a forbidden, dangerous and Blessed relationship...

UPDATED: John Legend's "All of me" sums it up:
Also an info-graphic of the above poem using tagxedo.
@aoa4eva is the inspiration behind it.


  1. W@ makes it forbidden?!

  2. Boapok, I will tell you at the apt time, ok? ;-)

  3. nice one. nvr knew u were a poet.lolnice one. nvr knew u were a

  4. I think I have an Idea of who you are talking about. Hey Sir!