Saturday, January 5, 2013

Measure of sprituality?

I then saw the woman move swiftly out of her line, and join the queue going to the Bishop for communion! "A christian mother!", I thought to myself.
This wasn't the first time I've seen such a move in a Catholic Church. Folks abandon queues that lead to people they feel are 'less spiritual'. It seems to me they have a hidden metric for measuring spirituality: Eucharistic Ministers < Priests < Bishops < Arch Bishops < Cardinals < The Pope.
I only wonder if spirituality can be measured. Can it?


  1. My opinion is that spirituality cannot be measured in any way. Though people seem to have the feeling that someone is more or less spiritual. So the same person can be felt more or less spiritual by different people. That's about how someone feels it. Feelings cannot be measured too.
    Regarding the fact that soemone is a religious which is shown by visible signs also, they just think that this person might be more spiritual than another one. That's how I see that people perceive it.

    1. I agree spirituality can't -- and shouldn't -- be measured. Appearances, indeed are deceptive.