Friday, July 12, 2013

Rivalry among telcos killing courtesy?

Yesterday, a couple of my friends and I had to trim a Vodafone SIM card so it could be slotted into a new smartphone. The phone was delivered to us at a location closer to Ridge, and so we decided to visit the MTNcenter (that shares the same building with the Fidelity Bank's Head Office).

That was our mistake.

I approached a lady and asked if the service could be rendered. She asked for the SIM card, took it, and asked that I wait a bit (as the guy who would 'cut' the SIM was attending to a client).
Some seconds later, the guy asked to see the SIM card, whispered, "Vodafone!", and said, "No, I can't help you."

I was shocked.

I thought to myself, "Is this how fierce (and pedantry) the rivalry between the telcos is?" Especially between MTN and Vodafone!. Hmm.

I thanked the guy -- and lady -- and walked out of the building. No long tin.

Consider this scenario:
You are at the Tema (Community 2) SSNIT office, and suddenly you fall ill -- or need medical attention. Should the SSNIT Clinic below the office say because you are not a staff (or relation of one) of SSNIT, they won't treat you?

I understand the service is free. So can't they have a service fee for all those who are not subscribers of MTN, but request for the service? They can. Everybody wins that way, no?

To think that I even purchased their Huawei Ascend Y210 android phone -- which I decoded of course. But I bought it just because of the courtesy with which a  marketing officer of theirs advertised the phone.

This experience brings to mind the banana seller in front of the Bank of Ghana, who refused to sell her ground nuts to me because I already had some bananas on me.

As for me I won't argue o. I only take my 'troubles' away.


  1. Hmmm, this is where some companies/businesses don't get it. Instead of going an extra mile to show a little benevolence on their part which builds trust and increase positive word of mouth among their consumers, they rather do the opposite. In the long run, they(companies) start wondering why are our sales low? Why the public has a bad repuation of them? The future ramifications of not investing into little things like training employees to be courteous, etc. will soon catch up with them. Gradually,the voice of the consumer is getting stronger through social media. You either engage customers on such platforms and be left behind. It is just a matter of time... J...

    1. Correction: Gradually,the voice of the consumer is getting stronger through social media. You either engage customers on such platforms or be left behind

    2. Courtesy in our service delivery has to be taken seriously. It's simply pathetic.

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