Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Course-prep: A blended learning platform

JHS1 Students of Glory Kindercare Complex exploring the platform
Last Monday, I was privileged to introduce a blended learning platform -- Course-prep -- to first year students of the Glory Kindercare Learning Complex JHS, in Sunyani.

"Blended learning is the integration of online technology/learning, with the traditional face-to-face class activities, in a planned, pedagogical, valuable manner". - Online Learning Consortium

Features of Course-prep
Randomised Questions and Answers: Questions and answers (MCQs) are randomly displayed to prevent cheating during in-class quizzes.
Multimedia Course Material Supplement: Supplementary course materials such as videos, audios and other e-learning files can be uploaded to augment face-to-face teaching.
Students' Performance Statistics: Review of quiz results by individual students, showing them how they compare to the overall average. 
Available Online, and on-premise: Course-prep can be deployed online for assignments, or deployed locally on a school's LAN for in-class assignments. 

If you'd like to try the free version of Course-prep, kindly submit your request here.
You can also contact via e-mail for inquiry and support.

Screenshot of a Revision quiz question

A student reviews his performance after a practice quiz

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  1. Francis GbormittahMarch 5, 2015 at 9:52 AM

    Qaphui, many thanks for taking the time to introduce Course-prep to the students and staff of Glory Kindercare Learning Complex. Our goal is to develop Course-prep into an easy-to-use virtual learning environment that enhances the learning process and improves learning outcomes.

    We are therefore offering a free access to the platform as a way of partnering with students, teachers, education administrators as well as parents to ensure that Course-prep is developed from the ground up while taking on-board the specific needs of targeted users.

    At this point, the free online version is responsive, which makes it accessible on tablets and mobile handsets