Friday, June 9, 2017

My bank account is anemic, and so what?

I have always struggled when it comes to savings. I am a financial illiterate. I. Need. Help. I am at a point where I live from hand-to-jaw – not even close to hand-to-mouth.  :-smile

Anyway, whenever I find myself in dire need of money to survive, God comes through – through fellow human beings. Good people exist in this wicked world. Believe that.

This morning I woke up with no with electricity. The power units had run out. The 10% reserved on the card is what is powering my laptop as I type this. Well, this afternoon I joined a number of my Club members to visit an ailing member. After the visit I decided to go eat fufu and come home to rest. After all I won’t eat in the evening. Just when I got to the restaurant, the member who owns the place ensured I ate to my fill, without paying. She has no idea of my situation.

Good people.

After thanking her, I boarded a taxi and handed GHS5 to the driver. There was a gentleman by me who also handed GH5 to the driver. The driver then explained he had no change for both of us. We we told him to get some when he gets to town and we alight. This other gentleman implored the driver to take GHS2 for both of us instead of the GHS3.2 for two passengers. The driver saisd no, so I brought out GHp50 and handed it over to the driver to add to my GHS5 so he gives me the GHS3 he had in his hand. I will alight first in any case. He refused. I got to my destination and the gentleman took my GHp50 and asked me to keep my GHS5. He will pay for me.

Good people.

You see, I am not saying it is alright to have an anaemic account. Get help. Get financial literacy training. I. Need. Help. I need to plan my finances. There are good people, but you can also be one. Don’t always be at the receiving end. Be a giver too. Be good people.

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