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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Google Faculty Development Workshop -- Day 1

Obum from Google introducing the Google African University Program 
Google is at it again! This time, interacting exclusively with Computer Science Lecturers, Professors, and Administrators in Sub-Saharan Africa. The beginning of this week saw the team in Nigeria where they met Faculty from about 20 universities for three days. Today they met Faculty from 15 universities in Ghana, at the Alisa Hotel. The workshop will end on Saturday.
With the changing trend in the Industry, it is expedient Curricula is adjusted to better suit the needs of users/consumers. Thus a collaborative community of academics who are introduced to the use of Google's tools and developer platforms for instruction and research is highly beneficial.
Participants were introduced to Web 2.0 technologies, The Google App Engine, and the Google Web Toolkit. Do check out the Google Developers University Consortium that was launched about a couple of days ago.
Personally, it is an insightful event that I pray continues, and yield the fruits it is expected to bear. The classroom setting made a great impact. However, I felt a bit intimidated because the programming language used is one I hardly am conversant with -- Java!
I however enjoyed the first day and look forward to the next couple of days that promise to be full of brainstorming sessions, hand-on experience and fun.
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