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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Letter to my unborn child

Credit: Kalongi

Tomorrow marks the day most men would be celebrated in their various homes -- Fathers' Day!
As I sat through the day thinking about my dad and his sacrifices for me and my siblings, I thought of  writing a letter (of a sort) to my unborn child. Here goes:

Dear Son/Daughter,

It's with ambivalent feelings that I write this letter to you.
I trust all is well with you up there? Well, your folks down here are doing okay. Thanks for asking.

My thoughts are filled with how you are going to look. Will you be having your mum's eyes or my ears -- or both?
The joy you would bring into our home is always a refreshing thought. 

I pledge and look forward to being you partner-in-crime, protector, and above all, your best friend. *wink* 
I can't wait to see you happily drain your mum's milk factories, while throwing your legs about happily.
Looking forward to your first sound, steps, crush, heartbreak, love -- and squabbles with our neighbours' kids. Ha-ha-ha
In all these, know that my shoulders will always be available to give you support and comfort.

Really, there's a lot I wish I could say but I'm overwhelmed by the thought of holding you in my arms, and watching you grow into a humble, passionate and responsible individual.

Until the day my orgasm gives you the impetus to drill into your mum's egg.

Your Papa.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yesterday, I was at the engagement ceremony of a friend of mine – actually two friends of mine. It was a simple but elegant ceremony. Their love started while they were in the university.
As I sat through the ceremony – as I often do, I was occasionally lost in thought. My own relationship flashed through my mind. I thought of my girlfriend and the love we share. The better boyfriend I have become due to her constant care, encouragement, advice and belief in me. There were times I disappointed her and frustrated her, but she’s been by my side through it all.
The issue of the influence of society also set in and I admired my friends the more for staying true to themselves and their ideals and feelings.
A number of my friends present at the ceremony – myself inclusive – were dating back in school. Most of these relationships have fallen on rocks. Some had dragged on for a long while before dissolving, mostly due to external influences from society: gratitude to a partner thought of what society would say; the fear of starting all over, et cetera.
Truth is, being true to oneself is key. Be yourself. Be honest. Play fair.