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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Examination Hall – Modus operandi?

Remember I already spoke of the intimidating nature of the examination hall? Well, the presence of invigilators adds to the ‘misery’ of students.
However, some students overcome their fear and write their papers in peace – positively – or negatively.
Positively because, they take their time to read over instructions and questions carefully, understand what is required of them, and confidently answer the questions being posed.
The negative factor is when some students try (and often succeed) outwitting invigilators – by cheating.
A critical point to note here is that all sin is sin, no matter the gravity assigned to it by society.
What therefore is the modus operandi (mode of operation) of such deviants in the examination hall? These include, but not limited to:

  •  The bringing of foreign materials into the examination hall. They prepare ‘small notes’ (a.k.a ‘ginger’) on pieces of papers, handkerchiefs, pencil erasers, their skin (thighs, palms), calculators. I wonder why an individual would spend hours preparing such notes and not learn. It’s silly.
  •  The holding of scripts at angles that permit friends to steal glances and copy from them
  •  The hiding of notes in washrooms and visiting them under the pretence of going to urinate
  •  The swapping of question sheets on which answers have been written
  • Whispering to one another
  • The soliciting of help from invigilators : asking for the spelling of a word, seeking the explanation of a question et cetera
Other means are employed by such ‘cheating’ students who have no shame.
I personally believe that appealing to the conscience of individuals is one way to go about this problem other than the vindictive and forceful approach that is being applied.
Authorities should bear in mind that, if you treat an individual as a child, he/she behaves and thinks like one. Respect students and you are sure to get it back.