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Monday, January 9, 2012

Plight of travellers

The sharp increase in fares due to the increase in fuel prices is a phenomenon we’ve come to accept.
However, some people are using that as an excuse to ‘dupe’ and frustrate desperate travellers.
Yesterday, 8th January, I travelled from Accra to Sunyani with a GPRTU Yutong bus with registration number GC4801Z.
Before the vehicle arrived, passengers were in a queue. A man later came to announce the arrival of the bus and started selling tickets for GH¢21 instead of the actual fare of GH¢19. After some protest from passengers, another man came and began to sell the tickets for the normal fare. We were later informed the bus was full and the tickets finished – the rest of us in the queue were disappointed.

Surprisingly, a young man approached me and said he had a ticket for GH¢25 and that I should buy it. I was reluctant but seeing the four people in front of me being sold tickets for GH¢20 – and the need for me to get to Sunyani before nightfall – I obliged.
Now I had to pay for my luggage and was charged a hefty fee – as expected – no complain there. What actually got to me was the fact that after being charged for the luggage, I had to pay the one tagging the luggage GH¢1!
I really don’t know what is happening at the GPRTU station in Accra (Neoplan station at Circle), but I’d advice the leaders to check the frustration passengers go through and the way moneys are being extracted from them.