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Friday, March 22, 2013

Inspiration in a Cosmo Jet

Earlier today, I boarded a Cosmopolitan jet (commonly called tro-tro) from Tema to Madina. The guy by me demanded his change, immediately after he had paid his fair. I noticed from his accent that he's a Nigerian.
I struck a convo with him and got inspired in the end.
Prince is from Nigeria's Delta State. He's been in Ghana for three years now. He calls Ghana his home now. Says he really found and accepted God in our country.
He commends the country on its peace, rule of law, humility of its people, et cetera. He's learnt how to respect and treat women here.
I told him that inspite of all the negatives he raised about his people, I admired then for their confidence and assertiveness.
He smiled and nodded in agreement, then he says a problem he has with Ghanaians is our timid nature. "They are afraid to fail", he told me. "That's why foreigners come here and their businesses boom while Ghanaians look on". He encouraged me to be confident and go for the kill.
He also advised me to seek the Lord in all I do, and surely, He will manifest Himself in my life.
We spoke about business too. He's a great fellow, I reckon, who loves the Lord.