Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What is the cost of student life in Ghana?

An important factor students consider in their choice of location for study is the cost of living. What at all influences the cost of living? How much do students spend per month in our institutions?
If you are an undergraduate student in Ghana, please spend a couple of your minutes to take the survey below. Thanks

Do watch this space for an infographic of the results.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Priest for Self or Priest for Christ?

As a young boy, he was attracted to the priesthood. The reverence that came with it, and the cars the priests rode in. He had seen old women who couldn't walk, 'crawl' to greet young priests.

"These folks wield a lot of power", he said to himself. Invincible creatures.
But then he thought to himself, "Am I going to be a priest for self, or a priest for Christ?

A priest for self is the individual who enters the priesthood because of personal gains, or because people tell him, the 'profession' fits him.
A priest for Christ, on the other hand, is an individual with a burning passion for God's kingdom. He seeks to win souls while he works in the Lord's vineyard. This individual had a call from God.
The priest for self missed the call  from God, and wants to be part of His workforce regardless.
He's still contemplating which of these personas to choose.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Measure of sprituality?

I then saw the woman move swiftly out of her line, and join the queue going to the Bishop for communion! "A christian mother!", I thought to myself.
This wasn't the first time I've seen such a move in a Catholic Church. Folks abandon queues that lead to people they feel are 'less spiritual'. It seems to me they have a hidden metric for measuring spirituality: Eucharistic Ministers < Priests < Bishops < Arch Bishops < Cardinals < The Pope.
I only wonder if spirituality can be measured. Can it?