Monday, March 25, 2013

Confession in Java

   1:  Public class Confession
   2:             {
   3:               public static void main (Strings[] args)
   4:                   {
   5:                     sin[] occurrence   = new sin[∞];
   6:                     for(flaw=0; flaw<sin.length; flaw++)
   7:                      {
   8:                      System.out.println ("Dear God, my occurrence[flaw] are ever before me."+
   9:                                          "I am sorry for hurting You. Please forgive me " +
  10:                                           "and draw me close to You. Amen.") 
  11:                      }
  12:                    }
  13:              }

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Real Estate Development in Sunyani

About six years ago, accommodation in Sunyani -- Ghana's bread basket -- and recently christened 'Suncity', was not a problem people gave enough thought to. It. Was. Cheap.
Now, the story is different. Accommodation is now expensive. This is as a result of the growth the town has been enjoying in the past couple of years.
Snapshot of the hall
Newmont started operations in Kenyasi (a town 45min drive away from Sunyani). Most of their workers where housed in Sunyani. The company paid more than the average tenant.
Landlord's and landlady's saw the light!
Then the banks also found their way into.Sunyani: Zenith, Stanbic, Fidelity.
The Catholic University and the Sunyani polytechnic also contribute to the rent hike as they do not have adequate accommodation for their students.
But real estate development seems to be the latest 'craze' in Sunyani now. A lot of buildings are being put up.
I'd advise all interested in Real Estate development to grab the opportunity and get in on the action!
Some rent figures in Sunyani:
A single room with inbuilt toilet and bath costs ¢800/yr (on average)
A two-bedroom apartment goes for ¢200/month (on average)
A chamber and a hall costs ¢130/month (on average)
A snapshot of the bedroom

Sunyani is really growing, not just in population increase, but also with resources. I however fear if the growth is not controlled, it would not be a clean, hospitable, lovely town it is. Another blog post will talk on this.
Do watch out for Barcamp Sunyani in April, and make it a point to attend. See you there!

PS: The pictures in this post are of a chamber and Hall I nearly rented a month ago. Rent was  ¢150/month.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Inspiration in a Cosmo Jet

Earlier today, I boarded a Cosmopolitan jet (commonly called tro-tro) from Tema to Madina. The guy by me demanded his change, immediately after he had paid his fair. I noticed from his accent that he's a Nigerian.
I struck a convo with him and got inspired in the end.
Prince is from Nigeria's Delta State. He's been in Ghana for three years now. He calls Ghana his home now. Says he really found and accepted God in our country.
He commends the country on its peace, rule of law, humility of its people, et cetera. He's learnt how to respect and treat women here.
I told him that inspite of all the negatives he raised about his people, I admired then for their confidence and assertiveness.
He smiled and nodded in agreement, then he says a problem he has with Ghanaians is our timid nature. "They are afraid to fail", he told me. "That's why foreigners come here and their businesses boom while Ghanaians look on". He encouraged me to be confident and go for the kill.
He also advised me to seek the Lord in all I do, and surely, He will manifest Himself in my life.
We spoke about business too. He's a great fellow, I reckon, who loves the Lord.