Saturday, December 15, 2012

Think Ghana...

Do we have an official language in Ghana?
Yes we do -- English.
Do we have a national language?
No we don't -- errm -- yes we do.
No because all Ghanaians do not have ONE mother tongue. We have beautiful languages though.
Yes because, we have GHANA as the national language -- ONE Ghana.
So in all you do, remember our national language Ghana. Celebrate the beauty we have in our diversity.
You. Yes You. Think Ghana.


  1. Our Ghana is united, except when it comes to politicking hehe.

    I like the official language distinction. I wish we could read and write more in our beautiful languages too.

    Short and to the point. I wish I could write more short blog posts like this. As I want 233 posts next year dier, I for do some like this hehe.

  2. Hehe. You be the Vimeister o.
    I know Kasahorow is in the process of making the use and study of the local languages interactive and fun. Way to go!